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The Toronto Real Estate Board announced 8,940 sales last month in The Greater Toronto Area, representing an 11% increase compared to March 2014. Sales were up for most major home types, both in Toronto and the surrounding regions. New listings were also up, but by a lesser 5.5%, indicating tighter market conditions. Home sales increased compared to last year and the cost of home ownership remained affordable, largely in part to the mitigating effect of lower interest rates. However for low-rise market segments, there remains a substantial amount of pent-up demand. It’s a safe bet that strong competition between buyers will continue to fuel strong price growth.

In March, the average selling price for all transactions was $613,933 – up 10% year-over-year. The MLS® HPI Composite Index, which tracks benchmark homes with the same attributes from one period to the next, was up by 7.9%. Average price growth was strongest for detached homes in Toronto, at 15.9%. Over the same period the detached MLS® HPI in the ‘416’ area code increased 7.8%.

Jason Mercer, TREB’s Director of Market Analysis, says that “seller’s market conditions throughout the GTA are driving price growth. However, when looking at the detached market segment in the City of Toronto, growth in the average selling price outstripped growth in the MLS® HPI. This demonstrates that the mix of detached homes sales has shifted towards more expensive properties.”

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